The ORIGINAL Skate Shop Est. 1887 651.770.1344

Scott Hambly in a photo featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

 What we are:

Happy to see our customers come through the door. 

We want to help you find the right bike for YOUR kind of riding.

We want you to feel good about your purchase-there are plenty of good bikes for under $400.  You don't NEED to spend $800.

Before purchasing bikes each season we pour over the  specs, study the features and contemplate each bike we purchase so that we give the most bang for our customer's buck.

If however, we don't have the right bike in stock, we will happily order it for you. 

Our prices are great, please check them out.

And...our bikes include kick stands at no charge.

Have you been told that your current bike needs $200 of repairs and you need to just buy a new one?  If you love that bike, bring it in-several times a week we are able to get people back on their current bikes for much less than other shops quoted.

What we are not:                                                          

Pushy or stuffy.

A commission based sales staff.

Determined to sell you more bike than you want or need.

Whether its the call of the road, mountain biking, stunt riding, commuting, or the bountiful paved trails the Twin Cities have to offer, Strauss has everything to outfit your needs. 

Used Bikes also available!